“Thomas Denny is a stained-glass artist and painter, educated at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1970’s. In the 1980‘s and 1990‘s he exhibited his paintings in London and New York. Latterly, Denny has concentrated on stained-glass and has now made some fifty windows for churches and cathedrals, almost entirely in England but with a few projects in Germany and Scotland. Recent commissions include a pair of windows at Hereford Cathedral and, installed in August 2010, a huge window for Durham Cathedral. Other commissions are found in extraordinary buildings all over the country including Gloucester Cathedral, Tewkesbury Abbey and Malvern Priory. The new edition of Pevsner’s ‘Gloucestershire’ refers to Denny’s windows at St Christopher’s, Cheltenham, as ‘quite astonishing’. Mary Miers, in Country Life (July 2003) speaks of ‘a radiance that defies beating rain and fading light’, and windows that are ‘many layered, rich in meaning and not immediately fully comprehensible.’ Ann Wroe, writing in The Tablet (2006) and ‘Intelligent Life’ (2010) finds ‘hues and images that both feed the soul and take the breath away….his glass lives and moves like no one else’s.’” 
 [From an exhibition  at The Art Stable, Dorset]

Most of my windows are in churches, and their themes are scriptural. Several new projects, however, have also been celebrations or commemorations of remarkable people, incorporating their relationship with a particular place and landscape. At Gloucester Cathedral is the Ivor Gurney glass; this composer and poet, a kind of patron saint of mental illness, and speaker of beauty and anguish, had an intense connection with Gloucestershire, the land of his birth. Adjacent to the Gurney glass is now a Gerald Finzi window, an attempt to make a visual equivalent of the character and themes of his music. At Leicester Cathedral is a pair of windows installed with the re-interment of King Richard III. Here, stories that emerge from an individual life are intended to become stories for all of us: loss, courage, redemption.
In 2017, I made the Reconciliation Window for St John’s R C Church, Tralee, County Kerry. This explores passages from Scripture about healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. The window has additional layers of meaning in that my own family were, for hundreds of years, protestant landowners in this place, making the glass, perhaps, a modest local expression of the Good Friday agreement.
All of my windows are made with materials and techniques largely the same as those used in 14th century stained glass, with the addition of much acid etching of flashed glass, a technique that developed in the 19th century.
This helps, I believe, to incorporate them in their settings; treatment of imagery can be very different, but colour, texture and the intransigence of lead and glass all make connections with what is already there, whether it is other stained glass, or the forms and surfaces of  surrounding architecture and artifacts. Stained glass must be interesting and beautiful in its own right, but it must always acknowledge its context.

Stained Glass Commissions:

2017 St John’s, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland
2017 St Peter’s, Wallsend, Newcastle 
2015-16 Leicester Cathedral, (two windows) 
2015-16 Gloucester Cathedral, (Gerald Finzi windows)
2015 St Paul’s, Shurdington, Gloucestershire
2014 Gloucester Cathedral (Ivor Gurney windows)
2014  Private Commission, Cheltenham
2014 Private commission, Teddington
2013 St Paul’s, Shurdington, Gloucestershire
2013 St James, Stanstead Abbots, Herts
2013 All Saints, Woodford, Wilts
2012 St Catherine’s College Cambridge
2012 St Edburga’s, Leigh, Worcs
2011 St Hedda’s, Egton Bridge, Yorkshire
2011 St Michael’s, Abenhall, Glos
2009-10 Durham Cathedral
2009 St Mary’s, Temple Guiting
2008 St Peter’s, Ipsley Worcestershire
2007 St Margaret, Millington, Yorkshire
2006-7 Hereford Cathedral (two windows for the Audley Chapel)
2006 Queen Mother’s memorial garden, Edinburgh (grotto)
2006 Sunderland Minster (three windows)
2005 Whitburn parish church, County Durham
2004 St Helen and All Saints, Wykeham, Yorkshire
2003 Malvern Priory, Worcestershire (two windows)
2002 Tewkesbury Abbey, Glos. (two windows)
2000-02 Emmanuel Church, Bridlington, Yorkshire (a chapel full of windows)
2001 St Peter, Hinton St Mary, Dorset (four panels)
2001 St Peter’s, Stutton, Suffolk
2000 St Mary, Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
2000 All Saints, Bolton Percy, Yorkshire
1999 St Peter, Martley, Worcestershire
1997 St Osmund, Tarlton, Glos. (four windows)
1997 Bridport Hospital chapel, Dorset
1996 St James, Milton Clevedon, Somerset
1995 St Peter, Upper Slaughter, Glos.
1994 St Andrew, Nuthurst, Susssex
1985-95 St Christopher, Warden Hill, Cheltenham (ten windows)
1993 St John, Slimbridge, Glos.
1993 St Michael, Eastington, Stonehouse, Glousestershire (two windows with Richard Webb)
1992 Gloucester Cathedral (a chapel of three windows)
1991 St Ambrose, Leyland, Lancs
1991 St Mary, Powerstock, Dorset
1989 St John, Accrington, Lancs.
1988 Diosesan Museum, Regensburg, Germany
1988 St Michael, Thurmaston Leics. (two panels and one window)
1986 St Gabriel, Hanley Swan, Worcs. 
1983 Church of Scotland Kirk, Killearn, Stirlingshire

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