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Glory, Azure and Gold’
 Josie Reed’s new book about Thomas Denny

In the media:

Dorset Life

The Art Stable
Frith Street Gallery

Other websites:
Bolton Percy Millenium Window
The Traherne Association
St. Margaret’s Church, Millington
Bede Chapel Window, Sunderland

To Commission a New Window:
– Church of England Guide to Commissioning a new window

Modern Painters – Autumn 1993.
Church Times – 15th of October, 1999.
The Times Newspaper – 21st of October, 2002.
Country Life Magazine – 31st of July, 2003.
The Tablet – 19th of August, 2006.
Church Times – 16th of November, 2012.
Ricardian Bulletin Magazine – June 2015.

– The making of the windows for Leicester Cathedral
– Works in progress for the new windows about the composer Gerald Finzi, destined for Gloucester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral:
– Stained glass windows unveiled
– Photos of the new Leicester Cathedral windows celebrating the life of King Richard III, taken by Aidan McRae Thomson